Where to find good adult games?

Finding really good adult games online can be relatively difficult. Nine out of ten times you end up on a crappy website with mediocre games at best, and on top of that you have to pay top dollar for it. Luckily Steam already stopped policing what games should or shouldn’t be allowed, but there’s another real good platform for good adult games out there which is really popular but probably a lot of you haven’t heard about yet.

Steam – VALVE

Let’s start with steam! In the past steam didn’t allow adult games on their platform but in June, 2018 VALVE decided to stop blocking games as such from their platform stating “it was no longer going to police what could and couldn’t appear on their platform”. This meant that VALVE stopped its tule which would disallow pornography on Steam. After that VALVE added new filtering tools on Steam which allowed users to opt-in seeing “Nudity or Sexual Content” and “Adult Only Sexual Content” on the Steam store. The first adult game released on steam is called Negligee: Love Stories (adult ver) – A non-adult version of this game is also released in the Steam store.

So how to search for “sexual content” on steam?
It’s really easy! Just boot up steam, on the front page menu there’s a tab called “games”. If you hover over the “games” tab a dropdown menu appears which shows “see popular tags”. Once you’ve clicked on “see popular tags” a new page appears, then all you have to do is press CTRL+F together and a search box appears. In that box type “sexual content”. Once typed in you will see on the left hand side a menu item highlited in orange “sexual content“. To view content marked as sexual you have to be logged in. The same counts for the tag “nudity“.

Not to mention, as we all remember leisure suit larry, you can also find that on steam and similar games.

Once you’ve commited your search you should end up on a page similar to this:

Itch.io – Indie dev platform

Itch.io is a platform for indie developers to publish their games.

An indie game (short for independent video game) is a video game that is most often created without the financial support of a publisher, although some games funded by a publisher are still considered independent. These games often focus on innovation and rely on digital distribution. Indie gaming saw a rise in mainstream popularity in the latter half of the 2000s, primarily due to new online distribution methods and widely available video game development tools

Wikipedia – Indie game

I’ve written a few blog posts about adult games created by indie developers such as:
Cute Demon Crashers

Itch.io is a great platform to find all sorts of adult game genres such as dating sims, visual novels, eroges and hentai games. A lot of these games are free, some ask you to become a patreon or some go for a small fee usually just a few dollars.

To find NSFW games on itch.io, just type in you browser https://itch.io/games/nsfw.

Once you’ve done that you should end up on a page similar to this:

In total both Steam and Itch make up for little over 4000 adult games to browse which should keep you busy for the time being. Are all games good that are released on both platforms? Obviously not, but there are some true gems out there that are most certainly worth playing and it comes much closer to more trustworthy developers then browsing random spammy adult game sites. Not to mention 9/10 times you get more value out of your money and the buyer protection that comes with it.

Tumblr porn ban

Remember when Tumblr banned porn last year December 17, 2018? Let’s recap here for a second. Tumblr decided to permanently ban adult content after its app was removed from the Apple store because illegal content surfaced. Ever since Tumblr had a traffic drop of approximately 20% (that is a hefty amount of users).

Despite this traffic drop, Tumblr defends their decision to ban adult content from their platform and says it “doesn’t regret” their decision to do so, despite the fact one fifth of their users have now left their blogging platform.

According to the independent.co.uk

This porn ban did not come without criticism from its users. Many of its users argued that the ban mainly targeted LGBT, sex-positive and NSFW art communities.

We made a strategic decision for the business that better positions it for long-term growth among more types of users,” a Tumblr spokesperson told The Independent. “This was the right decision.

Since the ban, Tumblr’s visitor count fell from 521 million in December 2018 to 437 million in January according to figures from data analytics company SimilarWeb which was revealed earlier this week.

Most of the users that left Tumblr were most likely part of the “log off” protest. This movement was formed because of the porn ban and was encouraging people to leave the site.

After the discovery of illegal pornographic content on some blogs Tumblr decided to change their content policy. Those against the ban said, the new policy is a suppression of free speech instead of measures against illegal content.

According to an article in 2018 written by theverge.com

The porn ban includes explicit sexual content and nudity with a few exceptions. The exceptions include nude classical statues and political protests that feature nudity. The new guidelines exclude text, so erotica remains permitted. Illustrations and art that feature nudity are still okay so long as sex acts aren’t depicted, and so are breastfeeding and after-birth photos.

As a result of this ban a petition emerged which has received over more then 600,000 signatures.

The petition states –

Stop it. Let people post porn, it’s 90% of the reason anybody is on the site in the first place.
Or, if you really want a non-18+ tumblr, start a new one with that specific goal in mind. Don’t rip down what people have spent years working on.

Tumblr stated previously it wanted and hoped to remain a platform for LGBT communities and conversations where they can explore their identity, and that they fully recognize their special obligation to these communities and are committed to ensure their new policy on pornographic explicit content does not silence the vital conversations that take place on Tumblr.

Hardcoded, a cyberpunk dating sim

Updated December 21, 2018
Status In development
Platforms Windows, MacOS, Linux
Author Yoplatz
Genre Visual Novel
Website yoplatz.itch.io
Patreon patreon.com/hardcoded

Today I’ve been reading some articles about what the best sex games are right now. I was reading an article from Pcgamer.com which was titled, “The best sex games that aren’t garbage”. After reading the article, one game in particular catched my interest and I decided to give it a spin.

The game is called Hardcoded. Hardcoded is an open world pixel art 2d story driven text based adventure dating sim that reminds me a lot of old DOS games such as, “Space Quest II: Vohaul’s Revenge” and “hugo’s house of horrors“. Only this game is explicit and the other games are not of course.

When I opened up the game for the first time, starting a new game, I instantly got teleported back to a time where everything was much simpler.

Despite of the fact this game is highly explicit, I felt like a kid again eager to explore. That’s the beauty of games like Hardcoded. They look very shallow on the surface at a first glimps compared to new games, but they are usually very interactive in their core gameplay (Me as a 90’s kid, I love the pixel art!).

You take on the role of a sentient female android who recently escaped her owners and you are on the run. The story is set in the lawless reaches of a cyberpunk dystopia called Pira city.

In time it becomes obvious to you that Pira city is a dangerous place that holds many dark secrets. During your journey you run into characters who are seeking for your aid in investigations and become your friends, the main characteristics of these characters is that they are, very horny.


The game starts off with a prologue. You’re hiding in an alleyway behind a dumpster from corporate securiry. Out of nowhere a girl appears asking if you’re okay. After an extensive dialogue with her she introduces herself as Beryl and offers to walk you home. Once you’re in your apartment you offer Beryl to stay for the night. Beryl accepts your offer and stays over for the night.

The following day Beryl takes you home with her to meet her friends. While meeting her friends, everyone states that they’ve been spotting odd behaviour around the city of people being uncontrollably horny. One of Berryl’s friends suggests after everyone told their story about the weird stuff they have been witnessing, to start an investigation group of which you agree to be part off. After you agree and everyone takes their leave and before you head out back to your apartment, Beryl gives you coupons. Coupons is the currency of Hardcoded.

Open world

After the prologue is over and leaving Berryl’s apartment you get thrown into the open world of Hardcoded. Once in the open world you’re able to visit several locations inside the city. You can visit for example apartment blocks but also social areas such as a diner and a club or several shops such as a convinence store or a robotics shop. You can also do sidequests where you can hangout with your girls or hit town with your hard earned cash. You can buy new hairstyles, outfits, upgrades, buy trinkets, fully upgrade your apartment and do some back alley deals for cash (if you know what I mean).

Everyday you can choose if you either want to pursue the main plot or one of your new found friends. It’s also possible to just wander around the city, destroying surveilance driods for scrap, just talk to random people and screwing around a LOT. Several of your friends are romanceable, everything else is being added in patches thanks to and which will be first available to patreons onlny.

Wrapping up!

I recommend Hardcoded because it’s a well written game, and the 2d pixel art scenery works very well with the cyberpunk setting. The charm of Hardcoded is, it feels like you’re playing in a motion comic which feels very soothing and relaxing. Alhtough the game is explicit, even if the game wouldn’t be explicit I’d probably still recommend it.

Cute Demon Crashers, female friendly erotic visual novel

Status Released
Platforms Windows, MacOS, Linux
Authors SugarScripts, KittyKatStar
Genre Visual Novel
Made with Ren'Py
Language English
License MIT
Controls Mouse and keyboard
Website sugarscript.itch.io

I decided to browse Itch.io which is an awesome platform for Indie developers to publish their games. Most games on there are patreon supported games and are free to play for everyone. While browsing their list of NSFW games, I came across a visual novel called “Cute Demon Crashers” created by KittyKatStar and SugarScript as a NanoRenO project in 2015. The game is created with Ren’Py, a visual novel game engine.

Cute Demon Crashers is a female friendly (otome) sex game / dating simulator about a lazy college student named Claire (you can also choose a name). Claire who is pleasuring herself after reading a romantic book, gets interrupted by her phone that vibrates on her bedside table. Reluctantly and a little annoyed because it ruined the moment, Claire desides to read the messages on her phone.

After reading the messages on her phone about how excited her friends are and how much fun they have during their spring break, Claire realises that she has nothing going on during her holiday, and it’s depressing her. Her friends are all having fun, her parents are out on their annual honeymoon and her little brother is at baseball camp. All Claire has are her textbooks and well… her right hand… Claire no longer in the mood to continue where she… left off… closes her eyes and wishes that “it would be nice just to have a little romantic fling…”.

After making her wish, all of a sudden four sex demons appear in Claire’s bedroom offering to help Claire fulfill her lustful wish for a fling…

"Maybe spring break won't be so boring after all…"

After two days pass and haging out with the sex demons, you must choose one of the four for a sexual encouter or you can choose not to. As stated on the game’s website “This game is about consent and feeling safe in intimacy, so you can stop the sexytimes at different points, or keep going.” The sex demons are very caring individuals who do their utmost best to make Claire feel as comfortable as possible in their sexual acts, they’re always understanding, accomodating and very positive. They will always ask Claire for permission before continuing, presenting the options to either continue, skip the step, or stop all together and there is always a stop button present in the upper right corner.

The sex scenes are a very pleasant experience as well. The dialogues are subtly erotic and most importantly (which really dictates this game) paired with a healthy dose of humor. The background music is very clever too, the tune is very warm, soothing and makes you feel very comfortable. Even tho the sex scenes consist a lot of nudity, they’re not overly graphical and display a satisfying, tasteful experience between two consenting adults.

The game is truly adorable, funny and quirky. The dialogues are very funny in collaboration with the personalities and expressions of the several characters you interact with. All together with the Anime/Hentai visuals and great timing of shuffeling in a dorky music tune from time to time if something awkward or funny happens gives the game a very innocent demeanor, which works really well with what the game tries to be and wants to achieve.

My experience with the game overall was heart warming and positive. The sex demons and Claire are very well developed colorful characters filled with personality. The sex demons are all very sweet, funny and all have their own quirky characteristics which made choosing in the end very difficult. I also believe Claire is a very relatable character for young woman in their late teens up mid-twenties. All in all this game is truly a sex positive experience.

Filled with a heart of confidence I firmly recommend this game. Even tho the game’s main target audience is female, I would also like to recommend this game to any guy out there that happens to read this article. What makes this game so great is that even tho the there are sex demons in it, the game protrays a form or realism which applies to both males and females. It shows that nobody is perfect, there’s nothing wrong with being inexperienced, it’s completely fine being uncertain and awkward, and that it’s okay to ask questions, learn and sometimes screw up.

Tomai, Yaoi erotic visual novel

Updated January 20, 2019
Status Released
Platforms Windows, MacOS, Linux
Authors DarkChibiShadow, arcade party
Genre Visual Novel
Language English
Audience Homosexual
Average sessions Few hours
Website darkchibishadow.itch.io
Mentions itch.io year in review 2017

Since there isn’t much notable events going on right now regarding the Adult entertainment industry, I’ve decided to do another game recommendation. The game is called Tomai and is another erotic visual novel which is available on Itch.io/games/nsfw for free. I really love Itch.io to browse on and see what indie devs come up with.

Booting up the game, what instantly strikes me is that the game’s visual setting looks a bit Hawaiian. Maybe that’s because the vilage you live in is a fishing town. The graphics looks very unique over other visual novels, unlike most other visual novels, the game doesn’t look like a traditional Anime which you mostly expect with visual novels. When starting the game for the first time, the game gives you the option to play the game in PG-13 or R-18 (which can be changed at any time).

You take on the role of a young man named Tomai, who’s a bit of a slacker. Tomai lives in a rather unusual town devided in what’s called upstairs and downstairs. Upstairs is where the humans live, and downstairs is where the aquatic humanoids live. Tomai is the son of the village chief who’s responsible for the diplomatic relations between citizens and organizing events like the upcoming night festival. Tomai’s father wants him to spend time with him or the Lady, because Tomai is his successor in becoming the next village chief at the night festival, so you can learn a thing or two. The Lady is responsible to the village trade, preserving history and collecting information around the world.

After an extensive dialogue with your father in which he explains some options to you, you return home to your cabin contemplating over what choice you should make in how to spend your time towards the upcoming night festival. After sleeping over night, the next morning when you wake up you can make a choice between spending time with your father, one of your best friends called Burdock (who’s aquatic and decided to live upstairs) and Malik or second in command after your father, the Lady.

"Your name is Tomai, and you're kind of a big deal. With just 15 days before the annual Night Festival-- how will you choose to spend your time? Will you spend it with your Father, the Lady, or your two best friends Burdoc and Malik? What you choose will affect Tomai for the rest of his life!"

The option to choose with who you want to spend time is a concurring event which you have to do daily over the course of 2 weeks towards the upcoming night festival. The game has 8 different endings of which each outcome is defined by how much time you spend with a specific person in the game. You can either choose to spend time with the same person each day or with someone else. The choices you make also have an impact on your relationship with the characters you interact with, spending time with your father or the Lady doesn’t result in a penalty. However the choices you make between your friends Malik and Burdock will result into either a romantic sexual relationship or conflict with either one of them, depending on your choices.

- 30k word count! 8 different endings!
- 15 days to explore, 4 distinct characters to get to know!
- Will you spend time with your Dad, get to know The Lady, or perhaps try to close the gap between you and your friends Malik and Burdoc?

Even tho the game’s main target audience is homosexual. I think it’s worth it for everyone to give this game a spin. As a straight guy I can honestly admit that I liked the game’s story line and each characters distinct personalities. The friendship mechanic of the game was also interesting and unique, if you for example spend too much time with either Burdock or Malik one of them will think that you’re ditching one for the other. If that happens you end up losing both friends, which can result in a rather lonely ending, unless you make up with them. It reflects a bit how real life can be, if you choose one friend over the other.

My advice is, like I did is if you’re going for your first and second playthroughs. Go for the ending with father and the Lady first before you decide to take the route between Burdock and Malik. The reason being is, Burdock and Malik’s route have much more depth to them then the ending with father or the Lady meaning you get best for last.

Personal top 5 porn sites

So after this morning when I woke up doing my usual routine of showering, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. I know… I’m a healthy guy. I was thinking about what I could be writing about today, and I thought. Maybe I should do a list of my personal top 5 porn sites I use to get me through the dark times when my girlfriend is away from home.

  1. Chaturbate, free cams
  2. xVideos, porn tube
  3. Sex.com, pornographic pin board
  4. NudeVista, adult search engine
  5. Bellesa, female friendly porn

Chaturbate, free cams

ChaturbateMy first go to website is Chaturbate, I like amateur cam girls getting naked behind their cam showing off their hot innocent (untainted from porn) natural bodies. Just the idea of the fact that, these girls have normal lives like you and I. It’s not like they’re prancing around naked in public and just sleep with every random joe they meet. That’s what makes it so hot in my opinion, watching this regular girl do stuff which most men in her vicinity can only dream of.

The reason I choose Chaturbate over other cam sites is because it’s simplicity and functionality. The design is great, easy to navigate and really easy to find a model of your likings. I have to admit that even tho Chaturbate is still my favorite, I don’t like it as much anymore as I did a few years ago. Main reason being is the OhmiBod which killed it for me. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against the OhmiBod, but almost every single model you find on Chaturbate is using it. It’s like eating a bag of m&m’s, they all look different but in the end they’re all the same, there is a serious lack of diversity on Chaturbate nowadays.

Website: Chaturbate.com
Wiki: Chaturbate – Wiki

xVideos, porn tube

xVideosMy go to porn tube is xVideos. The reason I choose xVideos over other large sites like xHamster and PornHub is because I am always able to find what I’m looking for on there. Their search function is really good. Type in a search query and you always get what you type. This is something I sometimes miss on other large tube sites, especially on PornHub, I feel their search function isn’t always doing a good job. Also when you’re watching a video on xVideos and you scroll down to the related videos section, there are always actual relevant related videos there.

Furthermore, I don’t know where this trend came from but luckily xVideos isn’t taking part in that. A lot of large porn tubes nowadays show video advertisements before the video starts like YouTube does. xVideos doesn’t! Their design is also really clean and simple, there’s no distractions going on and you can just tell the website is build around watching porn videos instead of monetising traffic.

Website: xVideos.com
Wiki: xVideos – Wiki

Sex.com, pornographic pin board

Sex.comEvery once and a while, I like watching some good old school porn pictures and GIFs, ranging from high quality images to grainy bouncing boobies. What better place is there then sex.com? It’s also really fun creating your own boards on there with collections and watching other people liking and sharing your content.

Sex.com now also has a section where you can pin porn videos, although it doesn’t seem to be as popular as the image sharing section. I can’t really make anything out of it but it seems to be a mixture of amateur pornography combined with commercial. I don’t spend much time in that section myself, so I can’t really give any feedback on that.

Website Sex.com
Wiki: Sex.com – Wiki

Nudevista, adult search engine

NudeVistaNudeVista is an adult search engine, with a whopping index of almost 29 million porn videos, 1.5 million picture galleries and over 18.5k adult models from almost all the largest porn sites. It’s safe to say that NudeVista is THE GOOGLE of porn. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the website you’re browsing, try this search engine, it’s a life saver sometimes.

Website: Nudevista.com

Bellesa, female friendly porn

BellesaEven tho I’m a dude, oftentimes I enjoy female friendly porn over any other porn. First of all, I’m all for consensual sex, female friendly porn leaves more to the imagination, and I don’t like to watch at what sometimes looks like gopro style filming at another dude’s saggy ball sack or pov shots of his dick.

Bellesa is completely dedicated to female friendly porn and there’s a lot of it. The website barely has any adversiting except from sex toys they sell themselves in their own boutique.

Website: Bellesa.co
Store: Bboutique.co – If you want to buy yourself or your partner something nice!

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