Where to find good adult games?

Finding really good adult games online can be relatively difficult. Nine out of ten times you end up on a crappy website with mediocre games at best, and on top of that you have to pay top dollar for it. Luckily Steam already stopped policing what games should or shouldn’t be allowed, but there’s another real good platform for good adult games out there which is really popular but probably a lot of you haven’t heard about yet.

Steam – VALVE

Let’s start with steam! In the past steam didn’t allow adult games on their platform but in June, 2018 VALVE decided to stop blocking games as such from their platform stating “it was no longer going to police what could and couldn’t appear on their platform”. This meant that VALVE stopped its tule which would disallow pornography on Steam. After that VALVE added new filtering tools on Steam which allowed users to opt-in seeing “Nudity or Sexual Content” and “Adult Only Sexual Content” on the Steam store. The first adult game released on steam is called Negligee: Love Stories (adult ver) – A non-adult version of this game is also released in the Steam store.

So how to search for “sexual content” on steam?
It’s really easy! Just boot up steam, on the front page menu there’s a tab called “games”. If you hover over the “games” tab a dropdown menu appears which shows “see popular tags”. Once you’ve clicked on “see popular tags” a new page appears, then all you have to do is press CTRL+F together and a search box appears. In that box type “sexual content”. Once typed in you will see on the left hand side a menu item highlited in orange “sexual content“. To view content marked as sexual you have to be logged in. The same counts for the tag “nudity“.

Not to mention, as we all remember leisure suit larry, you can also find that on steam and similar games.

Once you’ve commited your search you should end up on a page similar to this:

Itch.io – Indie dev platform

Itch.io is a platform for indie developers to publish their games.

An indie game (short for independent video game) is a video game that is most often created without the financial support of a publisher, although some games funded by a publisher are still considered independent. These games often focus on innovation and rely on digital distribution. Indie gaming saw a rise in mainstream popularity in the latter half of the 2000s, primarily due to new online distribution methods and widely available video game development tools

Wikipedia – Indie game

I’ve written a few blog posts about adult games created by indie developers such as:
Cute Demon Crashers

Itch.io is a great platform to find all sorts of adult game genres such as dating sims, visual novels, eroges and hentai games. A lot of these games are free, some ask you to become a patreon or some go for a small fee usually just a few dollars.

To find NSFW games on itch.io, just type in you browser https://itch.io/games/nsfw.

Once you’ve done that you should end up on a page similar to this:

In total both Steam and Itch make up for little over 4000 adult games to browse which should keep you busy for the time being. Are all games good that are released on both platforms? Obviously not, but there are some true gems out there that are most certainly worth playing and it comes much closer to more trustworthy developers then browsing random spammy adult game sites. Not to mention 9/10 times you get more value out of your money and the buyer protection that comes with it.

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