Business type Erotic fiction
Site category Erotic stories
Area of operations Wordwide
Industry Pornographic literature
Services Erotic stories, forums
Alexa Rank Global: 2,217 (January 2019)
Advertising Yes
Registration Optional
Launched 1998
Status Online

Literotica derived from literature and erotica is a free site that publishes erotic fiction. As of April 2010 it has over a million registered users. It allowes everyone to register as an author and submit stories. Amateur authors contribute a variety of stories into different categories including poems, essays, illustrated stories and audio stories. More then 299,000 stories were posted as of April 2008.

According to the website is the 361st most popular website on the internet as of April 9, 2011. Literotica a U.S. based website received 44% of its traffic from the U.S. as of August 2013. Other countries with a notable share of the site’s web traffic are India with 9.2% according to Alexa, Germany with 8.1%, the U.K. with 5.8% and Canada with 4.4%. It had 4.5 million visitors per month as of January 2012.

Story submission

Literotica was one of the first adult sites to be open to story creators, it quickly replace the usenet erotic story section.

Literotica has a few basic rules which prohibit stories about peadophillia and bestiality with the exception of fantasy creatures such as dragons and unicorns and the likes of it.

The website is mostly aimed towards amateur writers and readers who prefer an environment laregely free of images. Stories that are submitted range from short, one-off stories, chain stories written with other authors who collaborate with each other and entire novels sibmitted chapter by chapter.

Stories are categorized in different themes and there are also categories for stories with pictures and audio.

Message boards

The message boards of literotica account for only 6% of its web traffic. However as of April 2010 the forum has over 1,140,000 registered users. There are 23 forums on literotica of which 16 English speaking and several non-English boards.

Inside the message board of Literotica there are many different forums from which users can choose one or all forums to frequent. Subjects range from Amateur Pictures, Roleplaying, The Author’s Hangout, Poetry Feedback & Discussion, sexual roleplaying and the unmoderated General board. There is also a place for writers to look for advice, a How-To forum and a section for BDSM and LGBT community.

Members of Literotica are known as Literoticans, Litizens or Litsters, they sometimes meet up together in an even called Litogethers in order to socialize with others they’ve met on the website and developed a friendship with online.

Literotica chat

Literotica also provides chat rooms. Originally this was through Java’s client software called DigiChat but because of continuous cyber attacks, this moved to a Flash based client. It has been operating on a web based client since December 2015. Registration is required and stories are shared with the profile section. Registering for the chat is free and users are able to create their own public chat rooms. Chat rooms are being moderated and discussing certain themes will lead to users being banned.

Other services

Literotica has an online adult store where they sell various products, they published a banner called “best of” with a collection of erotic stories under it and makes income through ad sales, links to webcam and adult video on demand.


CHYOA is a sister site of Literotica, similar to Literotica users can post their own stories. The only difference is that after a story is created by a user, other users can add threads expanding the story in a different section, such as in a choose your own adventure book.

CHYOA has 18 sections where users can post their stories to including Erotic Couplings, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, Fan Fiction, Gay Male and Non-English and Non-Erotic sections.


Women have a preference for Literotica over other pornographic websites. Searches peak at 4AM for Literotica. On a list by Salon of 7 classiest pornographic sites Literotica came in fifth. Literotica is also recommended for women by Bustle and the website has been used in scientific research.


The website has published two books containing a collection of stries from their websites.
– Literotica: The Very Best of, First Edition, published on November 1, 2001.
– Literotica 2: The Very Best of, First Edition, published on January 5, 2009.

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