Cute Demon Crashers, female friendly erotic visual novel

Status Released
Platforms Windows, MacOS, Linux
Authors SugarScripts, KittyKatStar
Genre Visual Novel
Made with Ren'Py
Language English
License MIT
Controls Mouse and keyboard

I decided to browse which is an awesome platform for Indie developers to publish their games. Most games on there are patreon supported games and are free to play for everyone. While browsing their list of NSFW games, I came across a visual novel called “Cute Demon Crashers” created by KittyKatStar and SugarScript as a NanoRenO project in 2015. The game is created with Ren’Py, a visual novel game engine.

Cute Demon Crashers is a female friendly (otome) sex game / dating simulator about a lazy college student named Claire (you can also choose a name). Claire who is pleasuring herself after reading a romantic book, gets interrupted by her phone that vibrates on her bedside table. Reluctantly and a little annoyed because it ruined the moment, Claire desides to read the messages on her phone.

After reading the messages on her phone about how excited her friends are and how much fun they have during their spring break, Claire realises that she has nothing going on during her holiday, and it’s depressing her. Her friends are all having fun, her parents are out on their annual honeymoon and her little brother is at baseball camp. All Claire has are her textbooks and well… her right hand… Claire no longer in the mood to continue where she… left off… closes her eyes and wishes that “it would be nice just to have a little romantic fling…”.

After making her wish, all of a sudden four sex demons appear in Claire’s bedroom offering to help Claire fulfill her lustful wish for a fling…

"Maybe spring break won't be so boring after all…"

After two days pass and haging out with the sex demons, you must choose one of the four for a sexual encouter or you can choose not to. As stated on the game’s website “This game is about consent and feeling safe in intimacy, so you can stop the sexytimes at different points, or keep going.” The sex demons are very caring individuals who do their utmost best to make Claire feel as comfortable as possible in their sexual acts, they’re always understanding, accomodating and very positive. They will always ask Claire for permission before continuing, presenting the options to either continue, skip the step, or stop all together and there is always a stop button present in the upper right corner.

The sex scenes are a very pleasant experience as well. The dialogues are subtly erotic and most importantly (which really dictates this game) paired with a healthy dose of humor. The background music is very clever too, the tune is very warm, soothing and makes you feel very comfortable. Even tho the sex scenes consist a lot of nudity, they’re not overly graphical and display a satisfying, tasteful experience between two consenting adults.

The game is truly adorable, funny and quirky. The dialogues are very funny in collaboration with the personalities and expressions of the several characters you interact with. All together with the Anime/Hentai visuals and great timing of shuffeling in a dorky music tune from time to time if something awkward or funny happens gives the game a very innocent demeanor, which works really well with what the game tries to be and wants to achieve.

My experience with the game overall was heart warming and positive. The sex demons and Claire are very well developed colorful characters filled with personality. The sex demons are all very sweet, funny and all have their own quirky characteristics which made choosing in the end very difficult. I also believe Claire is a very relatable character for young woman in their late teens up mid-twenties. All in all this game is truly a sex positive experience.

Filled with a heart of confidence I firmly recommend this game. Even tho the game’s main target audience is female, I would also like to recommend this game to any guy out there that happens to read this article. What makes this game so great is that even tho the there are sex demons in it, the game protrays a form or realism which applies to both males and females. It shows that nobody is perfect, there’s nothing wrong with being inexperienced, it’s completely fine being uncertain and awkward, and that it’s okay to ask questions, learn and sometimes screw up.

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