Tomai, Yaoi erotic visual novel

Updated January 20, 2019
Status Released
Platforms Windows, MacOS, Linux
Authors DarkChibiShadow, arcade party
Genre Visual Novel
Language English
Audience Homosexual
Average sessions Few hours
Mentions year in review 2017

Since there isn’t much notable events going on right now regarding the Adult entertainment industry, I’ve decided to do another game recommendation. The game is called Tomai and is another erotic visual novel which is available on for free. I really love to browse on and see what indie devs come up with.

Booting up the game, what instantly strikes me is that the game’s visual setting looks a bit Hawaiian. Maybe that’s because the vilage you live in is a fishing town. The graphics looks very unique over other visual novels, unlike most other visual novels, the game doesn’t look like a traditional Anime which you mostly expect with visual novels. When starting the game for the first time, the game gives you the option to play the game in PG-13 or R-18 (which can be changed at any time).

You take on the role of a young man named Tomai, who’s a bit of a slacker. Tomai lives in a rather unusual town devided in what’s called upstairs and downstairs. Upstairs is where the humans live, and downstairs is where the aquatic humanoids live. Tomai is the son of the village chief who’s responsible for the diplomatic relations between citizens and organizing events like the upcoming night festival. Tomai’s father wants him to spend time with him or the Lady, because Tomai is his successor in becoming the next village chief at the night festival, so you can learn a thing or two. The Lady is responsible to the village trade, preserving history and collecting information around the world.

After an extensive dialogue with your father in which he explains some options to you, you return home to your cabin contemplating over what choice you should make in how to spend your time towards the upcoming night festival. After sleeping over night, the next morning when you wake up you can make a choice between spending time with your father, one of your best friends called Burdock (who’s aquatic and decided to live upstairs) and Malik or second in command after your father, the Lady.

"Your name is Tomai, and you're kind of a big deal. With just 15 days before the annual Night Festival-- how will you choose to spend your time? Will you spend it with your Father, the Lady, or your two best friends Burdoc and Malik? What you choose will affect Tomai for the rest of his life!"

The option to choose with who you want to spend time is a concurring event which you have to do daily over the course of 2 weeks towards the upcoming night festival. The game has 8 different endings of which each outcome is defined by how much time you spend with a specific person in the game. You can either choose to spend time with the same person each day or with someone else. The choices you make also have an impact on your relationship with the characters you interact with, spending time with your father or the Lady doesn’t result in a penalty. However the choices you make between your friends Malik and Burdock will result into either a romantic sexual relationship or conflict with either one of them, depending on your choices.

- 30k word count! 8 different endings!
- 15 days to explore, 4 distinct characters to get to know!
- Will you spend time with your Dad, get to know The Lady, or perhaps try to close the gap between you and your friends Malik and Burdoc?

Even tho the game’s main target audience is homosexual. I think it’s worth it for everyone to give this game a spin. As a straight guy I can honestly admit that I liked the game’s story line and each characters distinct personalities. The friendship mechanic of the game was also interesting and unique, if you for example spend too much time with either Burdock or Malik one of them will think that you’re ditching one for the other. If that happens you end up losing both friends, which can result in a rather lonely ending, unless you make up with them. It reflects a bit how real life can be, if you choose one friend over the other.

My advice is, like I did is if you’re going for your first and second playthroughs. Go for the ending with father and the Lady first before you decide to take the route between Burdock and Malik. The reason being is, Burdock and Malik’s route have much more depth to them then the ending with father or the Lady meaning you get best for last.

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