Webmaster Guidelines

Webmasters can submit their website to searchaporn.com through their webmaster dashboard.

Following the rules below will help you get your website submitted to our list and search engine.

Quality Guidelines

In order to get listed and indexed by our adult search engine, websites have to meet certain requirements.

Requirements are:

  • User friendly intuitive layout / UI
  • Way of advertising (websites that overadvertise will be declined by default)
  • Amount of (free) content
  • User safe environment
  • Content / user first mentality

Regarding pay sites and content creators: We want to keep pay sites and free content seperate. In this regard we will keep you updated on the matter when we open a section for pay sites. In the meanwhile we encourage you to create a public group with compelling articles about your content and website.

User friendly and UI

Websites need to be user friendly and have an intuitive user interface. Whatever your design is, beautiful or just lightweight functional isn’t what we are occupied with. When we keep user friendly in mind we aim more towards “hidden links, fake menu items, in page redirects etc”. On top of that, websites have to be easy to navigate so users can easily find the content they’re looking for. This is not just important for our users but also for our search engine. If your website is well structured, it’s easier for our search engine to find relevant and compelling content that is interesting for our users.


Naturally most free websites show advertising to either keep their servers running, pay personel, make a profit etc. We understand why websites advertise and this is perfectly fine. However some websites prioritise advertising over content and their users. This leads towards a user environment can be potentially harmful and annoying. These are websites we don’t want to send our users to.

  • Great: 3 ad spaces
  • Acceptable: 3+ ad spaces and 1 pop-up
  • Yellow line: 3+ ad spaces, 1 pop-up, video advertising
  • Red line: 3+ ad spaces, 1+ pop-ups, video advertising and other forms of advertising

Amount of (free) content

Websites have to offer a certain amount of content. For example, if your website only has a 100 videos and a dozen pictures, this is not a sufficient amount of content for users to keep them engaged. You need to give users a reason to return to your website. Websites that offer a good amount of content and meet all other requirements, these are websites we’d like to link to and index in our search engine.

We do not accept affiliate websites. The reason we do not accept affiliate websites is because this results in a poor user experience (redundant content). This also counts for our own chaturbate affiliate script TinyCB.

User safe environment

Websites need to ensure user safety over anything else. Not just in the way they advertise but also within their community. Websites must not contain SPAM or malicious software, websites must protect their user’s privacy within legal standards. Websites must not spread non consensual content of amateur pornographic nature (such as porn tubes that are specifically dedicated to spread content from cam sites of cam models).

User first mentality

Mentioned all of the above, websites must prioritise users over anything else. This is to ensure high quality content and user engagement which ultimately benifits all parties involved.

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